Agility Dog Training Tools

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Agility dog training tools are very important when you first start teaching your pup tricks and how to behave. These tools can help your dog to succeed and understand your commands better, while still maintaining their individuality and confidence. Here are some important agility dog training tools you should get for your training sessions with your puppy:

Must-Have Agility Dog Training Tools

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Every type of dog training can be accentuated by a quality collar and dog leash…some absolutely require it. When you are going through agility training, keeping your dog on point and focused is very important. Also, showing them where to go is much easier when you have a leash and collar to lead them.

Whistle or clacker

This can be very good to let your dog know when they are to stop or go. Whistles and clackers are a bit controversial and some dog trainers don’t think they should be used, but a great many do. You will need to decide if you want to use this as part of your agility dog training tools or not.


Like every other kind of dog training, agility training for your dog will require some tasty treats that he or she will want. Dogs love to be rewarded and they particularly love getting dog treats for physical activity. Experiment with the various types of dog treats and rewards during your dog agility training sessions and you will quickly find the ones that work best.

Hoops tunnels and boards

Another really neat thing about dog agility training is the obstacle courses you can create for them. Dogs love to run in and around the various obstacles you create and hoops are particularly fun to run through. Find as many tunnels and hoops as you can find and make them a couple of balance beams to work on for good measure. Dogs will take to these things like crazy and you will find them wanting to enjoy them all the time. Eventually, they will develop quite astounding agility in the process.

Progress charts

When your dog starts agility training, you will want to keep up with his progress. Progress charts allows you to keep track of all the various things about your dog including weight and speed. It can also show height and jumping, agility test results and various other interesting facts. Keeping these progress charts will help you to see just what is working and what can be left out the next time around.

Agility dog training tools are found in most pet stores and many of the hoops, tunnels and various other implements can be built at home. Whatever your budget, you should be able to find plenty of dog agility training supplies to fit your needs.

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