All About K9 Dog Training

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K9 dog training has come into the spotlight in recent years due to the proliferation of media coverage and respect it has begun to garner. Police dogs, otherwise referred to as k9 dogs, have become quite popular and useful on virtually every police force on the planet. They allow the police to have a great deal more flexibility and provide yet another powerful tool to keep our public safe. Here are some things you might not know about K9 dog training:

K9 Dog Training Information

Trainers Must Have the Required Certification and Experience

K9 dog training requires you to have a fairly extensive bit of experience. Not everyone is cut out to be a dog trainer in the first place, and particularly so for a K9 dog trainer. These guys and girls go through all kinds of training themselves and eventually have to be certified to train K9 dogs specifically. It is not a job for everyone because it takes a good bit of patience and time.

Dogs Need to Spend Plenty of Time with their Trainers

The relationship between dog and trainer is one that is forged through lots of time spent together. K9 dogs and their trainers know one another inside out and they spend time together constantly. If you are considering this as a career, you absolutely must love dogs and want one to be your continuous companion.

Certain Breeds are Better Suited for K9 Dog Training

Generally when you speak of K9 dogs, you think of the traditional German Shepherd.  There are all kinds of breeds that do police work and certain breeds seem to take to certain jobs better than others. For example, there are drug sniffing dogs, cadaver dogs, bomb sniffing dogs and even tracking dogs. Each of these various specialties have their own set of breeds that seem to take to the work best.

K9 Dogs Undergo Extra Training for Specialty Work

These additional talents require special training as well. Those dogs have to go through K9 training and the specialty training that is spoken of above. Imagine the work that is put in for all of this police work. These dogs and their trainers are constantly working on the skills necessary to perform their duties at the highest levels. K9 dogs and their trainers are super special public servants.

After Training, Dogs Must Bond with their Partners on the Job

These dogs are not automatically bonded with their partners on the job. That comes through spending time together on the job and learning to trust one another. There are few dogs out there that are more loyal and trustworthy than K9 dogs. They actually risk their lives just as much as the policemen and women that they work with. If we remember this, we can perhaps boost the funding for the various programs that take care of these wonderful public servants. Raise awareness and help to support your local police and their K9 dogs today!

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