Basic Dog Training: Dog Behaviors to Address

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When you first decide to get a dog, training is probably the last thing on your mind. Ironically, it is the first thing that will jump into your mind when you get the puppy home. There are basic dog training behaviors that every single dog must learn and they quickly make themselves known. Here are five of the most common dog training behaviors that need to be addressed early on:


Every single dog on the face of the planet starts off thinking it is okay to pee in the house. That is, until you fix the behavior. This is easily the most common dog training request and it is fairly easy to overcome if you are diligent and use the correct methods. Housebreaking your dog is something that you can do yourself or have a professional help out with. Most people handle this one themselves.


A barking dog is a good thing when a burglar is breaking into the home or someone is messing around outside. A barking dog is the Anti-Christ when he is doing so in the middle of the night for no good reason at all. Barking is another natural thing that dogs do that has to be addressed at some point. This dog behavior is generally not a problem, but can be if you wait too long to address it.


Does your fifty pound “puppy” like to jump into your lap or climb you like an oak tree when you first walk into the door? This dog behavior is really only happening because they love you and are excited to see you. Despite these innocent intentions, you will need to find a way to train them to stay down. Again, this is a vital step to take early in the dog’s life.


If your dog likes to dig (most do) then you probably have about a million holes in your back yard. These holes are wonderful for burying bones, bodies and so on, but not so great when it comes to mowing. Turning your ankle every five minutes as you walk around the yard is no fun at all and will motivate you to train your dog not to dig quickly.


Everyone has seen the cute dogs that will “give you a paw” in exchange for a treat. This cute dog trick is not the same as a dog that constantly nags you for things. A dog that begs at the kitchen table is considered to be a dog that is not well trained. You will want your dog to be trained early on about when and where it is okay to “beg” for something. This is a good behavior to get professional help with.


Dog behaviors are really much like humans. They are only doing what comes naturally to them and they will not initially understand why they are being corrected. Over time, your intelligent dog will get the message and start to behave correctly. These five dog behaviors will get you off on the right foot!

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