Brad & Angelina Marrying For The Kids

Angelina Jolie has given up the anti-marriage stance for her kiddies.

Do people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, old souls as it were, even bother with something as bourgeoisie as proposing? Is an engagement ring laughable to them because they have so much money, clout, and savoir-faire? Wouldn’t it take something at least as bad-ass as Frodo’s ring of power to impress Angelina Jolie (crap, we just outed ourselves as dorks)?

Anywho, we’ve been hearing for ages that Brad Pitt doesn’t want to get married until all people can get married, hence his contribution to the anti Prop 8 propaganda*. To be honest, until he ponied up the $100,000 (admittedly pocket change for him) we’d assumed that this obstacle was a red herring like wanting to become sausage king of Chicago before marrying, but his heart is in the right place. His resilience reminds us of a little film called Amazing Grace And Chuck, though with far less zeal.

After that long wind up, the pitch is: Angelina Jolie has agreed to get married… for the kids. Even being a mega-superstar does not make one’s kids immune from the old wisdom that married parents are generally more stable than cohabiting (and globe-trotting unmarried) ones. According to Celebuzz, ole bee-stung lips is also going to pump the brakes a bit on her career. Like the sacrifices every single other person makes when they have kids and family, unless they’re a real crybaby or a total j-hole.

We’re glad that Angelina is softening a little bit as she gets older. The whole being pressured by Brad Pitt into having kids thing really worked out. Maybe there will one day be a little forgiveness for Jon Voight’s foot-in-his-mouth ass. We’re just a wee bit disappointed that they decided to get married for the kids instead of who really matters; the gossip writers and, so a lesser extent, the fans. Congrats, good-lookers. If you 2 can work it out, the rest of us may stand a chance too.

Also, for your infotainment, Kathy Hilton doesn’t find Angelina to be as glamorous as Clint Eastwood does, per Entertainmentwise. Her ideal of glamour is, and we’re not making this up, Delta Burke. We’ve always found the Sugarbaker women to be attractive ourselves. Way to keep it real, Kath.

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