Congratulations On Your Engagement!

Our developer, Dom, is getting married. We congratulate him on his engagement and offer some advice.

Our developer, Dom, just got engaged! Here we offer congratulations and words of wisdom for grooms-to-be.

Dear Dom,

Congratulations on  your recent engagement! As relationship experts, we’ve pulled together some engagement-related articles and videos you might like. Read on for enlightening engagement information.

You may have heard that men are more involved than ever before in planning the wedding. If you or your fiance are wondering how you can participate, check out our Love U video, How to Include Him In the Wedding Planning.

Even if you’re not choosing the music or venue, there are certain wedding-related details you’ll need to know. Groomgrove is a YourTango-approved site that can school you in all things groom.

Another pre-wedding concern? The bachelor party. Here are 10 TV characters that would make excellent party guests. (A man can dream, right?) But getting down to business: watch this video for essential bachelor party dos and don’ts.

A couple’s first dance is a special moment, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Some couples are especially creative.

Post-wedding you might be going on a honeymoon. To make your YourTango dollar go farther, check out some recession-friendly honeymoons. Everyone wants to visit Iceland, right?

On a more serious note, getting married means combining your finances. Here are seven tips for a financially successful union. Getting hitched also gets you a new set of parents. Want to get along with your in-laws? First you have to know what to call them.  Studies have found that women feel more tension with their mothers-in-law than men, so to help her get along with your mom, stay in touch!

And whatever you do, watch out for groomzilla… he could be coming your way!

Here’s to a long and happy union.


The YourTango Team

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