Dog Training Tips for Introducing a New Dog to the Family

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When you first introduce a new dog to the family, there are plenty of things that could go wrong. Some dogs are not immediately social with everyone and some dogs are even dangerous before being properly introduce. This is not because the dogs are bad or even aggressive…it is just that some dogs have backgrounds and have not been raised properly to that point. Now that you have a new dog and want to introduce them to the family, here are several tips to make sure they are safely integrated.

Dog training tips to introduce your new dog to the family

Keep the dog on a leash when you first introduce them to family members and pets

When you first bring your new dog into the house, especially a home with other pets, make certain you keep him on a leash for first meetings. The reason is quite simple…the introduction can be unpredictable. With him on a leash, you should be able to control any outbursts or unhealthy reactions. This is especially true when two animals are meeting. Always have them both leashed for their own protection until you are sure they are going to get along.

Observe your dog’s body language

Dogs will give off signals about how they are feeling. They may sniff to get a scent and that is a good sign. Warning signs that problems could be brewing could include stiffness, a pointed unmoving tail, a closed mouth or growling and baring of teeth. All of these are signs that the dog is not comfortable and they need some space.

Never Leave Small Children Alone

This is a good rule of thumb anytime your children meet new animals. The most friendly dogs in the world can have a bad experience with kids if only because they misread the signals. Animal and child reactions should be closely monitored and controlled until you have a clear confidence that they are okay together.

Have Rewards ready

During a stressful time like this, you want to make sure you have rewards (affiliate link) ready to give the dog positive reinforcement. When he or she responds properly to the situation, reward them. They will get the picture soon enough.

Train your children before the dog ever arrives

Your kids should know ahead of time what to do and what not to do where the dog is concerned. Talk to them about that first meeting and how to act around a puppy or new dog. Make sure they know to allow the dog to come to them first. Show them how to slowly extend a hand for them to get their scent. Let the dog make all the first moves. Most of all, don’t scare or startle the dog with sudden movements or sounds.

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