“emotion” means “to stir up” ~ our relationships

Individuals strongly defined by their emotions, experience turbulent emotions on a regular basis.

Our Emotional Relationship

There are so many theories on emotions. Throughout history we have tried to understand our emotions on every level. Humans are emotional by nature.  Some individuals are strongly defined in their emotional bodies, while others seem to be more even in nature.  For individuals that are strongly defined by their emotions, life can become turbulent on a regular basis which not only affects their relationship with themselves but the relationships of their family and friends which provide the deepest support of the ups and downs on the emotional wave.  Like a wave coming to shore, it passes fairly quickly.

Relationships exist between and during the waves of emotions. Emotions move through our body on a wave of chemistry, riding the body via the nervous system. Each brief emotion carries its own intensity. The overwhelm can have the mind trying to understand what is happening and the mind will begin to create a story.  Which may or may not be right. Often heated emotions want to get validated by getting agreement from someone else.  And it all begins to run amok.  The train has left for its destination of chemical confusion.

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