Free Dog Training Options

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Free Dog Training Options

When it comes to training your dog, money can certainly become an issue. From the supplies needed, to the regular, everyday expenses of dog care, dog training sometimes gets left by the wayside. If you are finding it hard to find the money to pay a dog trainer, some free dog training options would likely be a great alternative. Here are five just such options that will keep your money in your pocket and your dog still learning.

Note – If you can afford to pay a certified professional dog trainer, that is generally the best option. This article is for those that simply can’t afford it or want to do it on their own.

Free Dog Training Options

Shows like the Dog Whisperer

With the boom in cable television and nearly ten million channels available these days, it is no surprise that you can find pretty much anything on television. The good news is that the number of dog training shows is growing all the time. You can pick up wonderful free dog training tips any day of the week without ever leaving your couch. Tune in to a few shows and see what you can discover for your pooch.

Observe Owners at Dog Parks

If you have a local dog park, observation is still a top way to learn. Take a seat on a nearby bench and watch how other owners interact. You will see the good, bad and ugly and learn in the process. While you may not get expert advice, you will be able to observe what “not” to do at a minimum. Occasionally you will find someone that is very good with their animal and can take notes.

Watch for Local Free Classes

Free dog training classes are available in your community as a rule. No matter where you live, there is a good chance of some type of program. Check your local newspaper, entertainment paper, local news and library. Local pet stores are also a wonderful source of free dog training options.

Ask Seasoned Friends

Do you have a dog with a perfectly behaved pup? If so, tap into their tips and see what you might can learn. Your friends might have paid for extensive training or learned by trial and error, but it costs you nothing to ask for tips.

Library Books

Books are the absolute best possible way to boost your knowledge and libraries still offer them for free. Why not walk into your local library and remind yourself of how wonderful they are? Dog training tips are going to cost you nothing and you will get a sense of nostalgia to boot.

Free dog training options are available all around you if you are willing to do some leg work. Put in some time to earnestly find it and you will find more dog training advice than you could ever take in…all without spending a dime.

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