How To Tinder Like a Boss

Some say “high school is where you experience love and college is where you find your husband.” No one ever said Tinder is where you find your current boyfriend. There are always people who are leery of dating apps or websites, except this one…But now the question is, how to Tinder?  With Tinder you can pick and choose who you would imagine as your feature significant other. You set up a profile, add photos, write a little about yourself and swipe away. Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts to think about so that you can Tinder like a boss.



1. Show off Your Personal Style. This is the first time your potential match is seeing you, so make sure whatever clothes, shoes and accessories you rock are a good representation of you. How you dress in photos is what the other person will expect of you in real life.

2. Order Your Photos Strategically. First impressions are lasting impressions on Tinder. The app allows you to upload several photos of yourself, so there is plenty of room to show off an array of looks. Don’t make a potential match scroll through the Smithsonian Archives of pictures. Your first picture should be with a smile and great body language. Make sure these photos are recent.

How To Tinder Like a Boss

3. Open Your Creative Side. When you match with people send them a funny and/or creative message. Make it specific to them and show the real you. Be genuine…

4. Be Open Minded about why you and your match joined Tinder. Don’t take it too seriously, remember that it is just an app. “ Life is like a box of chocolates..”

5. See What Happens. Actually use the app as if you were going to meet up with the people you matched with. Once you start a conversation, try meeting for coffee or a drink – in a public place that you feel safe in.

How To Tinder Like a Boss

Now that we’ve looked at the dos of Tinder , things should be a lot simpler for you to see whether or not Tinder is right for you. As we know there are always a don’ts to the dos. Here are a few don’ts that should never happen:


1. Don’t Have Your Friends/Other Girls in Photos – Especially The Attractive Ones. Group photos are common on Tinder. It’s great that you and your bros/ladies are tight, but which one are you? As for the guys, having another woman in a profile picture (unless it’s mama) is a big no-no. Having another girl in a photo will not bring out your matches’ competitive nature.

How To Tinder Like a Boss

2. Don’t Spill the Beans. This is when TMI becomes real. Don’t give too much information in your bio about yourself before meeting/getting to know someone. Just keep it simple. Never give out your number, last name, or where you work until you feel 100% comfortable.

3. Don’t Be Too Eager. Don’t swipe left or right too quickly. Sometimes you can accidentally “swipe right”– meaning you saw interest in them– and you didn’t mean to. So take it slow.

4. Don’t Join Just For Fun. Tinder is to meet new people and see if you form a relationship, not for games. Don’t join and like people’s profiles if you have no interest in them. For example, my friend at Midwestern University advised me that several guys just swipe right on every girl, even if they know them. Be sure you join for all the right reasons.

How To Tinder Like a Boss

And finally number five:

5. DON’T Dress Up As Cartoons. Dressing up as childhood characters can be just as adorable as snuggling a kitten. It’s adorable and funny, but if you are looking for a relationship, dressing up as Winnie The Pooh isn’t the best idea.

How To Tinder Like a Boss

Those are a few tips on how to Tinder. Try them out, pass them on, and see if they are truly helpful on the app.

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