Is She Or Isn’t She?

Jennifer Aniston: Engaged and Expecting?

It seems like the rumor mill is always working overtime for former-Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Is she back together with musician John Mayer …. Or isn’t she? Is she pregnant with their love child…Or isn’t she? Is she engaged….Or isn’t she? The suspense alone is killing me. Could Jen’s publicist -famous for denying rumors-turned-fact- be to blame? (Check out this list of his statements, graciously compiled by USWeekly in 2006. It’s an oldie but a goody.)

In August, we learned of Mayer’s infamous breakup via text message (which is worse than a post-it, if you were wondering). September brought Aniston’s affinity for afternoon cocktails and inevitable drunk dialing.

The couple reportedly reconvened for a second stint just last week and unless Aniston’s drunk words were indeed sober thoughts (and highly compelling thoughts, at that) we’re guessing there is more to the story.

Australia’s News Weekly is guessing, too. According to, the tabloid cited Aniston’s surprise pregnancy as explanation for the couple’s reunion. Better yet, says Aniston gave Mayer an ultimatum along the lines of “marry me or else.” That a girl!

Ring or no ring, this baby thing better be here to stay. A tear is shed every time Aniston and adoption appear on the same page. After all, hair genes like Jen’s don’t come a dime a dozen.

In April the National Enquirer reported the actress’s plan to adopt a baby boy, which included a $300,000 nursery and a name: Alexander. While that kid has yet to surface, Sky News reported last week that Aniston may really be ready for the big “A”.

I’m putting my money on the Mayer-Aniston love child and hoping for a girl. Someone’s gotta carry on the Rachel bob.

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