Obedience Training for Dogs

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Obedience training for dogs is absolutely one of the most important things you can do to make them happy. Dogs want to please you and obedience training makes it possible for you to communicate properly with your puppy. Without that language in place, you and your dog will always be confused by one another. That leads your dog to be nervous and unhappy and you to be frustrated.

Things to remember about obedience training for dogs:

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Be Patient

Dogs are not going to get it right away, just like you did not learn to walk in a day. It takes time and plenty of practice to teach your dog. Once you do have some success, you will probably run into roadblocks again. Patience throughout the process is absolutely the most important thing.

Don’t yell

When you yell at your dog, they think you are barking with them, or they fear you. Either way, you are not effectively teaching them anything that will be of value. Aggression from dogs can be fostered by an aggressive owner. Speak in even tones and remain calm no matter what. Being angry with your dog will not make you feel better, and it will not teach them anything helpful.

Don’t be afraid to visit a pro

Some dogs are more difficult to train than others but all can learn. If you attempt obedience training with your dog and run into problems, reach out to the people that do it for a living. Like anything else, dog training is something that you can get help with and make serious strides. Reach out for a helping hand when you get stuck.

Invest in some good aides

To complete dog obedience training, you should really have a few supplies on hand. At a minimum, you need a good dog collar, dog leash, crate and toys and a nice supply of treats. Harnesses, clickers, and other obedience dog training tools can be helpful in some situations as well. Sometimes spending a few extra dollars can help you deal with your situation much easier.

Attend free courses

Dog obedience training courses are not always expensive…in fact, they are often totally free. If you pay attention and check with your local pet stores and vets, you can often find free classes going on in the community. This a great way to get some free dog training and make important contacts in the business. Sometimes it is well worth it to take a few hours and spend time with your pup in these settings.

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