Oops: I Dropped Your Engagement Ring!

Man loses engagement ring at Brooklyn Bridge. Already, a story for the grandkids!

Attention Men: Make sure you get those rings insured! Props to this romance-inspired guy for pulling out all the stops on his wedding proposal. After celebrating his 29th birthday at a dinner with family and friends, Don invited his girlfriend on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, reports NBC’s Today Show, only to have the ring slip beneath cracks in the bridge. Don knew precisely how he wanted to pop the marriage question. In line with tradition, he got down on one knee. What he hadn’t planned for was the ring tumbling out of the box, off the elevated pedestrian walkway and into the traffic below. When he opened the jewelry box, though, that’s exactly what happened.

What’s a man in love to do? Climb down and get the ring, that’s what! Yes, Don descended the bridge superstructure to go after the engagement ring. When he arrived on the roadway below, a suicide-prevention van was on hand and police officers were urging him not to jump, reports NBC’s Today Show.

Police stopped traffic once they realized this crazed man was after his engagement ring, determined to carry out the romantic proposal to his bride he had planned. With the help of family members calling out the location of the precious stone, and a pinch of luck, Don found that round symbol of happily-ever-after, stones in place.

This is what we’re talking about, readers. This, is a man who went the mile for his woman. We love you, Don. Way to go!

Don and his fiancee are both teachers who’ve set April 24 as their wedding day. Surely many a rehearsal-dinner toast will regale the wedding party with memories of Don’s heroic moment. We imagine there may even be a viewing of his stunt-man moments on screen. (Yes, the event was video taped by a relative).

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