Simple Dog Training Potty Tools

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Dog potty training is a very important thing to a new owner and having the right tools is absolutely vital. The right dog training potty tools can literally be the difference between ruined carpet and furniture and a well trained pup. If you have a dog that you are trying to teach to go outside, here are some essential tools you will need to get it done right:

Puppy Pads

No matter how well you train your pup, there will be times that your dog will be alone at home. Unless you keep your dog outdoors when you are gone, he will occasionally have “accidents” before you get home. Puppy pads will allow you to cover the floor in the area you have him staying. Better to go on a cheap puppy pad than a nice clean floor or carpet.


If you are not interested in buying reusable puppy pads, you can instead opt for cheap newspaper. Newspaper is fine, but it will fall apart and tend to be very messy. Puppy pads are better dog training potty tools, though.


If you have a dog that is trying to learn not to go potty indoors, having him roam the house is not always a good idea. For a while, you can keep him leashed to your belt so that you know when and where he is trying to go. When you see the slightest move to go potty, immediately take him outside and have him go properly in the grass. A leash is a must have for dog training of many types, but it is particularly helpful when you are trying to keep up with your adventurous puppy.


Crate training is a wonderful way to teach your dog proper potty training. A dog is naturally not going to want to “go potty” in a space where they sleep. Crates should not be abused, of course, but they are a great “personal space” for a puppy.


The biggest dog training potty tool you can have is persistence. You will need some good dog treats and a ton of patience and willpower. Your dog will make mistakes and it is up to you to point them back on track. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement is the key…not punishment.

These are some of the most important dog training potty tools you can get, but they are certainly not the only ones. You can find all kinds of tricks and tools to help you train your dog. The truth is, your willpower and steady hand are the biggest keys. Help your dog stay on track and give them steady direction. You will have a dog that is potty trained in no time flat.

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