There Are A Lot Of “Buts” In Love, BUT There Aren’t Any In REAL Love

You say you love him, but you don’t like the place he lives in.

You say you love him, but you don’t like the car he drives.

You say you love him, but you don’t like his job.

You say you love him, but you don’t like the way he speaks, walks, or dresses up.

You say you love him, but you wish that he didn’t have a mother, brother or sister. You would want to keep him for yourself only. You are so selfish when it comes to his love for you—you want it so badly, just for yourself.

You would prefer that YOU are the only person he has in this world. So all his love and attention would be dedicated to you only. That’s why you are doing all in your power to keep him distant from everyone.

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You say you love him, but you would like it better if he was a little bit taller, with curly hair and bigger muscles.

You say you love him, but you would prefer that his deep blue eyes are not so blue—sometimes people stare at him because of their beauty and you don’t like it. You are jealous because he has something that you don’t have. You want him to look at you only, because looking at others is in vain—it’s just giving attention to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

You say you love him, but you wish that he is more successful and that he earns more money.

Isn’t it strange how easily we call things love? Every butterfly in our stomach, every affection, every habit, every need—we call it love. But the truth is that love is something totally different.

Love is when you give him your hands and you don’t care where he leads you as long as your hand is in his.

Love is when you put your head on his chest and take a deep breath realizing that he is the one you can’t live without.

Love is when you stand on tip-toe to reach his sweet lips and to hug him, because there is no other place you would rather be than in his arms.

Love is when you love all the things he loves and enjoys, and you don’t have any need to hold him back.

Love is when you don’t suffocate him, when you don’t hold him back, when you don’t break his wings, but you push him forward.

Love is when you don’t think how much money he has because you are willing to start from scratch with him. To build and make things.

Love is when you like all his imperfections because they are the ones that make him different from all the other men.

Love is when you like him the way he is now and you don’t want to change him. Not a bit of him. Maybe he is not the perfect guy but he is perfect for you.

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Don’t you believe a love like this exists? I am a true witness that it does!

I am witnessing that love is patient, love is kind, love isn’t envious, love does not show off, love is not rude, it is not ill-tempered, and it forgives and forgets all evils.

Real love is not a feeling, it is not an emotion—it’s a whole package. The one that is hard to get but easy to lose.

So, my dear, if you ever wish to love me, don’t do it for anything less than REAL LOVE!

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