Using a Dog Training Leash Effectively

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A good dog training leash is perhaps the most important thing you will need upon getting a new dog or puppy. A good leash allows you many things such as control, safety in public and training ability. Your dog will come to love your dog leash and what it represents…time with it’s owner!

Here are some tips to using a dog training leash effectively as well as some general tips to know:

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Choose the Right Collar for Your Dog

The right dog collar is absolutely vital. You don’t want a dog collar that will choke your dog but one that is too loose is not good either. Spend some time picking out the right collar and your leash will be much more effective. The leash and collar must both be of good quality and fit the neck of your dog. Some folks use a harness, but a collar is generally just fine.

Use Walking-Exclusive Dog Treats

One way to keep your dog excited about leash training is to use walk exclusive dog treats.  If you use the same dog treats that you use for other training exercises, your dog will not associate them with leash training. Having them associate the treats with the exercise will allow them to look forward to it and respond in a positive manner.

Make Sure the Dog is Calm Before Walking

Keeping your dog calm is a very important part of getting them used to the leash. The dog that is overly excitable is almost always going to be a challenge on the end of a leash. Taking the time to relax your dog and get them into a calm state of mind before you leave is generally a good idea. While it is good for your dog to be excited about the training, you do not want to take him out when he is hyped up.

Walk the Dog Often Until Successful at Walking on the Leash

Like every other type of dog training, leash training with your puppy is all about perseverance. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, pretty much any dog is capable of learning to walk on a leash. Some dogs are more difficult than others, but they all are capable of learning. Your patience and determination is the only ingredient necessary to ensure leash training success.

Try Different Training Methods Until You Find the One that Work

Much like their human counterparts, dogs do not all learn the same way. Some people learn better by hearing directions, while others might learn more effectively by doing things. Still others might learn better by watching others. Dogs also have various ways of learning and you may need to explore several different methods of leash training before you find the one that sticks. Give them a try and you will eventually find one that works for you and your pup.

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