Wedding Marathon Will Put “Bride Wars” To Shame

Watch 14 couples wed in the same place, on the same day.

Save the date! 

What: cordially invites you to view the weddings of 14 lucky couples. Sure, these 28 brides– and grooms-to-be are complete strangers, but you can get to know them all here. Among them is one lesbian couple, one vow-renewal, a couple from the Coast Guard, and one groom with the venue tattooed on his arm. The joint wedding is part of an annual contest in which participants submit their personal love stories.
Where: The couples will all be married atop the Empire State Building in New York City. While the landmark only opens its doors to weddings one day a year, the venue didn’t accidentally overbook. (Sorry, Bride Wars fans! If you’re looking for fiend-brides—or you are one—check out Bluefly’s Bride Wars story contest, here). And no, the party won’t be crowded. Besides each couples’ private parties of up to 20 friends and family members, guests are invited to attend the wedding marathon from the privacy of their own homes, where the online video streaming service Mogulus Pro, will provide a live high-quality broadcast at
When: The celebration will be held on February 14th from 7a.m. to 5p.m., so if you can’t find anything better to do for ten straight hours on Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck! (Although watching ten straight hours of wedding coverage might put all the single ladies over the edge.)

BYOWC (Bring Your Own Wedding Cake).

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