What Self-Care Really Means To You, Based On Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!



The words “self-care” get thrown around a lot these days. From hashtags on IG to long-winded Tumblr rants, everybody seems to have an opinion on what self-care means. Part of the beauty of it is that it can have multiple meanings. What self-care is to you might not be what self-care is for your mother or best friend. Psych Central tells us what most of us feel like we know: self-care isn’t about overspending or screaming at your partner because it feels good to you. Self-care is about actively doing something that recharges you and doing that activity for the sole purpose of your benefit. It’s a way of refueling ourselves so we can be better partners, friends, and sisters.

It’s hard to tell where to start, though, especially if you’ve never done any self-care before. While you could wade through lists upon generic lists that offer you the same unspecific self-care suggestions, we’ve got a better solution. Look no further than your zodiac sign if you’re not sure where to start with self-care. We’ve gone through and figured out the absolute best ways to care for yourself, based on your zodiac sign. Anxious Aries? Lethargic Leos? We’ve got you all covered.

16Water Signs: You Get Stuck On Stuff. Need To Let It Go? Try Hot Showers And Bubble Baths!


Water signs tend to stagnate. Like a dirty puddle, your negative energy will drip down until it fills you up. Then… You’re stuck! What’s the best way to get all these bad thoughts and sad feelings moving again? Washing them away. It doesn’t have to be as literal as jumping in the shower or bath, but those are quick and easy options. Taking a shower and spending some time pampering yourself takes you out of your head and into your bodily sensations. Relaxing in a bubble bath will release your tension and make you feel like a beautiful mermaid. Washing your thoughts away with music or media is also a great way to release a water sign’s negative energy. Anything that gets your thoughts and energy moving (and ultimately out of) you is a positive self-care choice.

15Pisces: Rewatching Your Favourite Rom-Com Lets You Forget About Negative Energy

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Pisces love to live in the land of fantasy. Maybe you’re not a writer or a movie-maker, but we bet that you have a penchant for consuming media. Probably rom-coms! You’re one of the most romantic signs, which means you tend to have a romantic and ideal view of the world. Make no mistake: you’re a tough cookie. You know you best and hardly ever second guess yourself or overthink your decisions. Like everyone else though, you still get trapped in the negative energy of the world. Being empathic means you quickly pick up on negativity in the air. Make sure you’re making time to watch your favorite show or to read your current favorite book. Feeding yourself positivity will help to quickly dissipate that negative energy.

14Cancer: Journalling Worries Away Means You Don’t Let Them Poison You


Out of all the zodiac signs, Cancers might be the ones to feel things the most strongly. You don’t like to be the center of attention though, which means you almost never share those feelings. You like to be the stable, bastion of support for your family and friends. It quickly drains you, though, and you might find yourself worrying about everything from your partner getting home safe to whether or not anyone will notice your socks don’t match. Journalling is a way to help with this, even if you’re not much of a writer. Just putting your worries down on paper is enough to get them out of your head. By containing them somewhere that isn’t inside of you, you’re able to protect yourself. Worry can quickly sour your positivity. If you’re not practicing self-care already, make sure you start now.

13Scorpio: Hanging Out With Your Best Friend Makes You Feel Less Alone


Scorpios can be surprisingly outgoing, for water signs. You don’t necessarily keep things to yourself, but you don’t share unless asked. You’re thoughtful and can pick up on other people’s energies just by looking at them. Despite your easy ability to form a connection with others, your loner streak means you forget to hang out with people. Scorpios like to work on their own. This is great in the workplace, but not great when all your hobbies are solo activities. We need to connect with people to feel like we’re a part of the world. Engaging with each other is a good thing! Make a conscious effort to pick up the phone, text your best friend, and hang out for an afternoon. You’ll feel surprisingly refreshed, and will appreciate your alone time even more!

12Fire Signs: You Need To Find The Calm Within Your Storm—Sometimes The Simple Act Of Unplugging Is All You Need


It seems like fire signs are constantly on the move. Everything is the absolute best or the total worst, and nothing is ever done halfway. You’re passionate, hardworking signs that don’t let anyone tell you what to do. You’re also suckers for attention. Fire signs love to be with other people, and love to have other people tell them what they’re doing right. This can also mean that fire signs are the ones who’ll post everything to Instagram. Hundreds of likes, dozens of comments, and heart eyes flying everywhere are just some of the ways you can find a fire sign’s Insta page. If you’re feeling a little drained, though, it might mean it’s time to unplug. Coming back to yourself is important, and learning to love you through you is a skill that fire signs need to make sure they have.

11Leo: Pampering Yourself With A Massage Gets You Relying On Yourself Again


Leos are the fire sign that basically coined the term “attention, please”. You love when people shower you with attention, and anyone who knows you knows that you can easily spend all of your time surrounded by those people. You’re not being greedy, and you definitely don’t let it feed your ego. You just like the reassurance that comes with having people appreciating you. It lets you know you’re doing a good job, and are on the right path in life. When it comes to self-care, this habit needs to turn in on itself; instead of taking the attention externally, make the attention come from you. Do something that pampers you. Give yourself the permission to do something for you that makes you feel like a queen. This will sustain your confidence and will ensure you don’t get thrown into crisis mode when you’re alone.

10Aries: Jumping Back Onto That Court, Diamond, Or Field Keeps Your Anger At Bay


Not all Aries play sports. It’s a generalization that has been around forever. The stubborn Aries that likes to battle with people must love sports… Right? Sometimes not! Aries are complex people. You’re loyal and confident, able to recognize when something isn’t right. You also have a huge amount of energy. When you can channel this energy into your work you’re more productive than anyone else. When you can’t channel it right your energy goes everywhere and ends up sending you down a procrastination river. With procrastination comes missed deadlines, anger, and negative self-talk. The best way to deal with that is to stop it before it starts. Practice self-care in the form of burning off your energy. Whether that’s through hitting the gym, going for a run, dancing around your apartment, or getting back into your favorite sport doesn’t matter. Just get moving!

9Sagittarius: Going For A Long Drive (Or Bike Ride) Lets You Calm Down And Stay Positive


Sagittarius folks love to travel. You love freedom, and hate that you need to hold down a job, classes, and other scheduled responsibilities. You’re too smart to drop everything, even though you’d like to. Your impulsive nature is balanced by your rational intelligence, and you’ve probably found ways to scratch that freedom-longing itch. If you’ve gone too long without a break from your responsibilities you might find yourself struggling. Your positivity might drop, and you’ll find you’re getting irritable. Go back to what you love; even if you can’t get out of the city, try going for a long ride after work. Blast some tunes and grab a slice of pizza. You’ll clear your head and satisfy that craving for freedom. You could even bring some friends along and make it a full-fledged party!

8Earth Signs: Building Yourself Up Is A Struggle—The More You Can Feed Your Interests, The More Confidence You’ll Have


Earth signs are down-to-earth people. No surprise, right? However, just because you’re usually calm and grounded doesn’t mean you can skip on the self-care! When Earth signs become unbalanced they often shut out the people they care about. The less you let people in, the more it feels like (to them) you’re pushing them away. By keeping yourself in balance you won’t have to worry about losing anyone. You might be some of the quieter signs, but when you do make friends you keep them for a long time. Having the confidence to reach out to people might be tricky, but by staying engaged with your interests you’ll naturally build up your confidence. Knowledge is power, after all, and being able to speak knowledgeably about a topic gives you confidence when connecting with both other people and yourself.

7Virgo: Cracking Open A New Book Satisfies Your Intelligent Side And Gets You Thinking


Virgos don’t really need other people in order to be happy. You don’t mind having days of alone time, as most Virgos are always busy working on a new project. You’re happy to have more time to devote to it! You’re always there when people need you though, even if you don’t often reach out first. Your self-care comes in the form of one of your favorite activities: reading! When a Virgo doesn’t have the chance to read for a while they get annoyed. You feel like you’re losing touch with yourself, even if you’re engaged in other ways. Satisfying your natural curiosity about the world through reading is an essential part of a Virgo’s day. Don’t let it fall by the wayside during your busy, busy life.

6Taurus: Throwing On A Soft Shirt Is Enough To Remind You To Be Gentle With Yourself


Taurus is one of the gentlest signs in the zodiac, but also one of the signs that are incredibly hard on themselves. You’re great at taking critique from other people because you’re your own toughest critic. You don’t always know how to fix things, but you definitely know what needs improving. You’re one of the most tactile signs as well. This means you’re good with your hands and prefer to learn things by doing them rather than just watching or listening. Combine these two qualities and practice the easiest type of self-care out there. Remind yourself to be gentle with your heart by wearing something soft and cozy. Your favorite shirt can then become a safety blanket, reminding you to find the positives in whatever you’ve just made.

5Capricorn: Completing A To-Do List Gets Rid Of Your Anxiety And Gives You A Sense Of Purpose


While every other zodiac sign needs to take a break from work to practice self-care, you thrive in it. You find satisfaction in getting things done right. You go at your own pace, but you always finish. While you might not be the leader of the pack, you’re able to be your own pack easily. You’re naturally satisfied with who you are, even if you might want to improve things here and there. Your best form of self-care comes in completing your to-do lists. When you stop working, get frustrated, or find that you have free time on your hands, things get a little heated. You might become unsure of what to do with yourself. When this is the case, make a to-do list full of little, easy things. Check them off and you’ll automatically feel satisfied with what you’ve done!

4Air Signs: You Need Something Experiential To Clear Your Head— Like Going On A Mini-Adventure!


Let’s start with an overview of something all the air signs can relate to: the need to clear your heads. Air signs have a tendency to live in the clouds. You like to daydream, think, and reminisce to the extent that sometimes you forget to come back to the real world! If you’re finding yourself getting bogged down by your big, beautiful brain, look no further than a mini-adventure. Changing your physical space can impact your mental space. Whole books have been written about decluttering and all of a sudden feeling less anxiety. For you, Air Signs, you need to recognize that it’s not just decluttering that can help. Changing your physical environment can help shake you out of your funk. It doesn’t have to be big, either. It can be as small as a walk around the block or checking out that new bookstore down the street.

3Aquarius: Volunteering For A Cause You Care About Reconnects You To Your Passions


Sometimes we also need a change of pace in our weekly activities. Aquarius, you’re someone who’s not too keen on structure. You like to have plans, but you also like when those plans can change. You have a huge heart and an incredibly vivid imagination. Why not try sharing that with other people? There are tons of opportunities out there for people to get involved in causes that they’re passionate about. It’s important for an Aquarius to keep their passions strong. If you’re feeling gross, it might be because you’re not feeding yourself with enough of your passions. Passion is the basis for imagination, after all. And for a sign that’s all about the imagination… You definitely need to keep your passion alive. Not to mention how helping others gets you out of the house, and helps your heart feel full!

2Gemini: A Neighborhood Walk With Your Favourite Tunes Blasting Gets You Grounded


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Maybe feeling a little at odds with yourself? Geminis are prone to overthinking. Because you see all sides of a situation, you know that you’re going to get caught thinking about all the possible angles. For a sign that has a keen mind and a penchant for anxiety, staying grounded is the key to taking care of yourself. The best self-care is that which gets you out of your head and back in the reality of situations. We suggest walking, as Geminis have more energy than some of the other signs. Moving around helps you work through some of that energy and engage with the Earth. Finding a balance between your Air and your Earth will let you focus on slowing your thoughts down, and ultimately get you grounded.

1Libra: Taking Yourself Out For Dinner (Or Brunch!) Reminds You To Treat Yourself Like You Treat Your Partner


Libras are low-key obsessed with making sure everyone is being treated fairly. You like to be in relationships that are filled with compassion and collaboration, with people who trust your sense of judgment. Libras like to keep the peace, which makes them amazing partners. You forgive easily, as you’re quick to see the other person’s logic. You need to have more compassion for yourself, though. You’re very concerned with making sure others are being treated well that you forget to prioritize yourself. If you’re not engaging in self-care, then you’re going to quickly find yourself running on empty emotional energy. The best self-care for you is to treat yourself the same way you treat your partner. Take yourself out for dinner, and compliment yourself the way you would your partner. This is going to be rejuvenating for you, ensuring that you’re emotionally ready for anything.

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