Your Anxiety Is Lying To You

We all have our own demons that follow us through our lives. The only difference is in how we handle them. Some of us handle them a bit more easily than others while others struggle to do it. The fact is that we’re in a battle with ourselves, constantly.

It might seem to you that you’re the most miserable person on this Earth and that you’re the weakest of us all, but that’s not what your reason is telling you. That’s your anxiety making you doubt yourself. That’s your anxiety isolating you from the rest of the world and making itself your only companion. No wonder you struggle to get out of the bed when your companion is the most toxic thing there is on this Earth.

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Whatever your anxiety is making you feel, it’s a lie. Whatever it tells you, don’t believe it. Just don’t. Disregard it because it’s not true.


Whenever you are out there trying to mingle with other people and trying to actually show up, your anxiety makes you believe you’re the most awkward person in the room.

It makes you think that everybody you’re surrounded with thinks they shouldn’t talk to you, but yet people are proving you wrong. Nobody is avoiding you. Instead, they’re trying to engage you and that should be proof that your anxiety is lying to you.


Bullshit. How can a human being be unlovable? We’re born to love and be loved. There is nothing hard about loving you. There is just a small trick—there should be somebody who knows how you should be loved.

The trick is to find the right way to love you, as simple as that. Your anxiety is lying to you—you are not unlovable. You just haven’t found the right person that knows how you should be loved.

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You aren’t much different from the rest of the world. Yes, you’re a unique human being, but you are not an outcast. You deserve to live and you are forbidden to mess with God’s ultimate creation.

You were created in a perfect shape and you don’t get to escape your demons so easily. Trust that you have a purpose and it takes time for each individual to discover what that purpose is. Your time is yet to come.


Woman sitting in bed with outstretched arms

Yes, there are rough things out there that we need to face every day. There are mean people, crappy bosses, new meetings or portfolios that you have to present, but you don’t really feel like doing anything of that today.

Who knows what kind of awkward situation your day is bringing next? But you’ll miss out amazing things as well in order to escape those bad ones. You shouldn’t. You know why?

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No matter what your anxiety throws at you, you’ll handle it. Because you’re much stronger than you think. You deserve to be happy—you just need to hold on for a little while. You’ve outlived every single storm you’ve been in up to now. You’ve woken up every morning even if you haven’t really wanted to wake up, and you’ve gone out there even when it scared the hell out of you.

Your anxiety is a liar and you deserve a medal for beating it every single time.

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